Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romney! Tax Cuts! Ryan! Seamus! Now!

Bankrupt middle income  people now!

Tax Taxpayers lower in woman binders!

Plural marriage deduction!

Get Detroit bankrupt!

Abortion deficit!

Seamus's dog food for Social Security fix!


Bury family gains!

We can't afford 4 more wives -we're buried!

Drill like you drill on Sunday!

Romney! America! So Conservative! Rush Limbaugh! Newsmax!

He's NOT from Kenya!

He loves the 53%

His son is TAGG!

Tagg has NEVER had an abortion today!


  1. This may be our last chance! Mitt Ryan will not run again if he loses! His wives say so! TAGG spelled backwards is GGAT! WTO/GATT spelled backwards is TTAG\OTW! This may be our last chance!

  2. And Don't believe all the lying Liberals on this blog--Tagg is a Mormon and would NEVER Buttchug! Already in rural Virginia, the life expectancy of white women has been lowered by about 5-7 years to match that of black women! What a victory for conservatives!!!

  3. And because of that, you can marry as many you want! As young as 14!