Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romney! Ryan! And Tax Cuts! And Abortion Jobs!

Oh the things Romney finds
If we all stay behind!
 In the places he goes there's abortions and mutts
 That we never could ban if he stopped with tax cuts.
I'm telling you this 'cause you're in a woman binder.
So don't tell me Romney's mean - he's kinder!
So, on beyond Tax Cuts!
 It's high time for  JOBS you putz
 How, we  really can't say
 But trust me,  it will really pay


  1. Stormin' Mormon surges 0.03% in new poll! Binders full of hot sister wives! Abortion Job Creators! Hofstra fatties love Mitt Ryan! Bullet Tax!

  2. Mitt Ryan cares about all of you, you fat fucking bastards!

  3. Tagg a swing! JOBS! Seamus's poop on the car! ABORTIONS! RAPE! INCEST! POLYGAMY! wives in binders!